Albedo is an artist who is exhibiting his paintings for the first time. After years of thwarting his gift with a demanding professional life, he has adopted a new lifestyle over the past ten years that allows him to express his artistic creativity and pursue his professional career at the same time. From a very young age, his paintings were already showcasing an undeniable amount of talent and amazed his entourage. Unfortunately, he never developed further this natural gift, leaving his flair for drawing and painting abandoned for decades.    

This unfinished taste stuck with him since then and, in search of an orient that would offer him aesthetic paths, he plunged back into art in 2009. Albedo started to explore various techniques and gave himself the means to master them quickly. One of them was a Japanese calligraphy technique that involves very large brushes, called the Fude, which irrigated the beginning of his work. 

Albedo feeds first on materials, then on forms, functioning in a serial way and working on contrasts. These choices lead him to an ode to movement, to the expansion of the light guiding the eye.  His research, like his name, is associated with cosmological onirism, mystical reflection and a craving for chromatic exploration, which began with blue. 

Once a simple yet cherished pastime, Albedo’s art has grown tremendously over the last 4 years and is now recognized and appreciated by a rapidly growing audience. 

Albedo started to show his works to a small circle of friends and family members in a collegial and unanimous fervor. At the same time, he intensified his creative quest and increased the time he devoted to his passion, which eventually led to the first sales. He then decided to try the adventure of exhibiting his work, but only in places of choice.